Whether before night-night or for daytime downtime, story time can really make your kid’s day. And thanks to the great authors and illustrators that live right here in Chicago, it can be a delight for you, too. Get to know some local talents that have a way with words and pictures. Flip through our album to discover their latest books to add to your library.

“Uni the Unicorn” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

The dish: Chances are your family is already familiar with Amy Krouse Rosenthal: This New York Times best-selling author and Chicago resident has more than 20 children’s under her belt, including her newest title, "Uni The Unicorn." Though it was just released, the book is already receiving crazy accolades and love. It tells the story of Uni, the only unicorn who believes -- despite what other unicorns say -- that little girls are real. So if your kids are keen on imagination and believing in the unthinkable (and you’re looking to build a savvy and curious small thinker) add this title to your list.

Buy it locally: at Heritage Littles, 2868 N. Lincoln Ave., Lakeview (773-242-9008 or heritagelittles.com).

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— Robin Immerman Gruen

featured photo: Andrea Spencer