If your weekend routine is starting to resemble a tourist checklist — belugas at the Shedd, U-505 sub at the MSI, Sue at The Field — then it’s time to dig deeper into our fair city. There’s nothing like a hidden gem to excite a field trip. Click through our album of uncrowded, secret spots tucked in your favorite places and let the fun begin.

Exotic Monkeys at Shedd Aquarium

There are plenty of things tucked behind the main exhibits at the Shedd, some of which you might not see unless you look very closely. On a recent visit, we spotted Titi and Goeldi monkeys in the interactive Amazon Rising exhibit. Nestled amongst the plants and habitats of the Amazon rainforest, the furry creatures bounced and climbed while stingrays, tarantulas and anacondas mingled nearby. The forest, built to mimic the rise and fall of the river during floods and draughts, also includes churning river channels, still lakes and flooded treetops.

Hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.
1200 S. Lakeshore Dr., Museum Campus
Online: sheddaquarium.org

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— Taryn Bickley