Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas . . . So many gift-giving holidays, so few ideas that go beyond the everyday ordinary. Wait, hold up! We found a Chicago-based start-up that will create a personalized, radio-quality song designed with your loved one in mind. Read on to hear how Songfinch will connect you with a songwriter who will record a special song featuring all the inside jokes, nicknames, stories and wishes you want to capture within the notes, making for a memorable gift like no other.


What’s Songfinch’s story?
Founded by a team of Chicago music and technology veterans Josh Kaplan, Rob Lindquist and John Williamson, Songfinch’s goal is to capture moments and stories in song. “We, as people, create story-worthy moments every day, and more and more, these experiences are being valued above things that can be purchased,” shares Williamson, “There’s no medium that speaks more directly to the soul than music. By leveraging the power of music, we’re creating an entirely unique approach to the gifting space, and we’re really excited to help people connect with others in new ways.”

We tested out this amazing new service and here’s how it works!

Choose your own (song) adventure. 
You’ll complete a what Songfinch calls a “story guide” providing details on the person or experience you want to hear recreated in music mode. Your story guide can include anything you’d like, from the oddball characteristics that make your loved one oh so unique or the pee-in-your-pants memories that capture the special moments you’ve shared. You’ll also set the particular mood or vibe the song should capture, be it peppy, romantic, jazzy. Then choose the type of vocalist preferred: maybe you’re looking for a birthday rap with a blues-y overtone or a crooner-style wedding anniversary ballad.


I chose to create a song to gift my music-loving daughter, Chiara, on her 7th birthday. I shared some insider details on her bright personality as well as all the things that make her happy: playing with her dog outside, traveling, playing the piano.

A match made in musical heaven. 
Songfinch will handpick the perfect music artist (from their team of 200+ vetted songwriters) to craft and professionally record a song. One week later, you’ll receive a downloadable/shareable web page known as a “Story Homepage” where you’ll find your love brought to life in song.

amy-and-chiaraphoto: Amy Bizzarri (Red Tri Writer) and daughter, Chiara

So? What were the test results?
We were matched with artist Katie Stump, who recorded a beautiful ballad that truly captured my love for my daughter, Chiara. I have to admit that when I first listened, tears welled up in my eyes! I surprised my daughter by playing her song after school on our car radio. Her reaction: At first, her jaw dropped. She simply couldn’t believe she was listening to a song made just for her! Soon she was singing along and making attempts to play the song on her piano. Months later, it remains a top requested song in our already musical household. (You can check out Katie Stump here).


How much for all these feels?
The cost? Just $200 for a song that will be cherished by your family forever!

“One of the most unique aspects of Songfinch is that the product comes from your heart.” explains co-founder Rob Lindquist. “It allows you to intimately share your memories and feelings…something that tends to be a challenge for people, especially in a one-to-one setting. Being able to have those types of personal details created into a beautiful piece of music, it seems to speak better than any other gift out there.”


Learn more about Songfinch or arrange a musical ode of your own at

Have you used Songfinch to surprise a loved one? We’d love to hear about your experience in the Comments!

— Amy Bizzarri

Photos courtesy of Songfinch and Amy Bizzarri