Babies might not old enough to monkey around — but that doesn’t mean they can’t get near the monkey bars. Parks across Chicago are meant for all ages to enjoy, and some are particularly equipped for infants. If you’re itching to enjoy fresh air and nature with your little bundle, flip through our photo album to discover the best baby-friendly parks in the city and beyond. Each offers something different, from shaded areas to stimulating colors to grassy slopes perfect for tummy time.

For play dates: Adams Playground Park

Come one, come all. This spot is great for groups and has a something for everyone. Seat your infant in a bucket-seat swing or set up shop on a bench in the center of the park. The water park and splash pad provide plenty to look at -- and even dip into, if baby is game. There is plenty of non-permit street parking, making it accessible for friends coming from different parts of the city. Just make sure to call in advance of your visit; the park is often closed to the public when camps are onsite. 1919 N. Seminary Ave. (312-742-7787 or online at

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— Tabitha Green

Photos: Courtesy of Walter P on Yelp; Evanston Park District, Chicago Park District, Lawrence Y on Yelp, Illinois Office Tourism