Babies might not old enough to monkey around — but that doesn’t mean they can’t get near the monkey bars. Parks across Chicago are meant for all ages to enjoy, and some are particularly equipped for infants. If you’re itching to enjoy fresh air and nature with your little bundle, flip through our photo album to discover the best baby-friendly parks in the city and beyond. Each offers something different, from shaded areas to stimulating colors to grassy slopes perfect for tummy time.

Sheil Park

This gated playground, nearly hidden from view in the Southport Corridor, feels friendly and secure. While it has nice climbing rings, ladders and slides for older tots, parents of babies will feel most comfy at one of the shaded tables near the entrance. Say "hi" to the others that stroll up and expand your circle of new-mom friends.

3505 N. Southport Ave. (312-742-7826 or online at

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— Tabitha Green

Photos: Courtesy of Walter P on Yelp; Evanston Park District, Chicago Park District, Lawrence Y on Yelp, Illinois Office Tourism