The pretty backdrop of fall colors may entice you travel down unexplored roads. Ramble beyond the city and watch your kids flip out about Illinois’ kitschiest treasures, including the world’s largest catsup bottle and a remake of Pisa’s leaning tower. Flip through our photo album and discover the roadside oddities that have “family photo op” written all over them.

The Cross at the Crossroads – Effingham, Illinois

This monument built by the religious group, The Cross Foundation, in 2001 is the largest cross monument in the States. It stands 198’ tall by 113’ wide and pops against the stark contrast of the surrounding flat farmland. It's crafted from steel and its beauty lies in its simplistic design. At the base, you’ll find 10 push-button stations that recite commandments and biblical information.

Switch gears and excite car enthusiasts with a stop at MY Garage Museum while in Effingham. The free museum houses a personal collection of Corvettes and Volkswagons that includes prototype, concept and racing cars. Get your picture taken next to the meticulously restored 1910 gas station moved to Effingham from Casey, Illinois, in 1995.

Distance from Chicago: 210 miles south
1800 Pike Ave., Effingham, Illinois (217-347-2846)

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— Maria Barnes

Photos: Via anneh632, dsearls, darastar, Ken Lund & HysterialMark on Flickr creative commons