The pretty backdrop of fall colors may entice you travel down unexplored roads. Ramble beyond the city and watch your kids flip out about Illinois’ kitschiest treasures, including the world’s largest catsup bottle and a remake of Pisa’s leaning tower. Flip through our photo album and discover the roadside oddities that have “family photo op” written all over them.

Superman Statue – Metropolis, Illinois

At the southernmost tip of Illinois lies the official home of Superman: the city of Metropolis. Citizens honor it with a 15-foot-tall bronze statue of American’s favorite superhero. Because Superman isn't the same without ace reporter Lois Lane, she has her own statue two blocks away (at 8th and Market streets). The most recognizable killer of superheroes, kryptonite, has a place of its own at 3rd and Ferry streets, as well. Luckily, scientists have deemed it powerless to Superman and mere mortals alike, so it’s safe to touch.

Metropolis is also home to Fort Massac State Park, Illinois’ first state park. Fort Massac offers great views of the Ohio River and a replica of the fort that protected troops from invasion.

Distance from Chicago: 332 miles south
517 Market St., Metropolis, Illinois (618-524-5518)

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— Maria Barnes

Photos: Via anneh632, dsearls, darastar, Ken Lund & HysterialMark on Flickr creative commons