Can we all agree to not like the person who attached the word “cleaning” with Spring? Yes? Done. Don’t even try to fight it though, the words are synonymous, and the deep cleaning and de-cluttering spree will soon begin. Thankfully Vinted Kids, a parent-to-parent online marketplace for pre-loved baby and kids gear and clothing, has hit the Chicago market just in time to help you make a profit on the dreaded process. Read on to learn why we adore this service.

Vinted Kids

It’s convenient.

Whether you’re buying or selling, start by downloading the app, which can be found on iTunes or GooglePlay. To sell, create a VintedKids profile, upload a picture of the gently used item you want to sell, add a brief description and set a price. You’ll pay a small price for listing your item (15% of the total price from a successfully sold item plus a whopping 50 cents) and the seller pays for shipping — all through Vinted Kids’ secure system. VintedKids provides a prepaid label (USPS First Class & Priority Shipping), so all you need to do is pack it up and send it on its way. You’ll be paid once it arrives at its destination. You can also opt to do a local exchange, a la that list created by a certain Craig. Your payments will appear in your VintedKids Wallet. Visit your wallet to transfer your earnings to a checking account or a PayPal account. You can also opt to swap an item or give it away for free; VintedKids does not charge for swapping or giveaways and shipping will be covered by the receiver.
For shoppers, VintedKids offers a wide selection of pre-loved kids clothing at unbeatable prices. Swap an item or, if you’re lucky, score some freebies — and you can do it all from the touch of your smart phone!

It’s local.
If you’re looking to make a quick sale, purchase or swap, you can do right in your very own ‘hood. Click on “Shop” in the menu bar and select any category (e.g. pants). You’ll then see a “Location” option where you can search for items by area/chosen distance using the Nearby function (VintedKids will access your location). Meet in a public space, like a local coffee shop or a playground. This is especially handy when you’re looking to buy or sell an item that it too big to easily ship — think strollers and bassinets. After you’ve inspected the item, pay for it in cash. Deals made in person are final. Remind the seller to mark the order as sold and you’ll be able to leave feedback for each other.

It’s safe.

Shopping on Vinted Kids is safe: if your item is never shipped, arrives damaged or not as described, you won’t be charged. Payment isn’t released to the seller until the buyer indicates that the item has arrived in its expected condition. You also have up to five days to return any items, just in case you change your mind after a completed purchase. Plus Vinted Kids works with a secure payment processor to protect your bank account and personal information. 
Your location is always approximate (not exact), and is never shared publicly. But you can also always easily disable the “Shop Nearby” feature in the app’s privacy settings. The feedback system builds trust between Vinted Kids members by allowing members to create a record of positive transactions. 

Here’s an added bonus: to celebrate its launch, VintedKids is offering a zero percent transaction fee on items sold! The VintedKids app can be found on Android Smartphones, iOS and on the web.

It’s easy to give it a whirl!
Right now, the app is offering a 0% transaction fee, so now would definitely be the time to give it a no-risk try. Visit for more info.

Give Vinted Kids a try and let us know how it goes in the Comments below!

— Amy Bizzarri