When you feel the need for speed (and mega slides and loop-de-loops and stellar city views), there are a few playgrounds that really deliver. Go beyond the regular ol’ monkey bars at these supercharged oases that offer fun new challenges and out-of-this-world atmospheres. Click through our album, put on your slickest kicks and get out there!

Maggie Daley Park Slide – Chicago, Il

The Climb: Take all other parks, give them a dose of steroids, and you have Maggie Daley Park. It's that cool. While there are certainly areas within the play structure you can climb, the Wave Hill is a 16,530 square foot play area with a rolling topography where kids can climb what feels like a mountain to them, roll down, and do it all over again.

Online: chicagoparkdistrict.com

What is your favorite supercharged playground in Chicago or the ‘burbs? Let us know in the Comments!

— Mistie Lucht