There’s a new kid in town and he’ll for sure have your kids climbing (literally) the walls in no time. Windy City Ninjas is a 10,000 square foot gym with a variety of obstacles to challenge Ninja warriors from age 2 to any adult looking to tap their fierce inner Ninja. Read on to hear how this America Ninja Warrior-inspired family fun spot offers weekly classes, special events, open gym and more!


Owners Tom and Emily Rhomberg, parents to three budding America Ninja Warriors, opened Windy City Ninja with a mission to help kids overcome, persevere and achieve what they never believed possible. While they cater to adults, their primary focus is on the kids with structured, progressive classes that send kids home feeling accomplished with a giant smile plastered on their faces. They believe strongly in the correlation between a dedicated athletic endeavor and the positive impact it can have on self-esteem and the building of life lessons.


Learn the Ninja ways
From kids who prefer books over balls to your most athletic, everyone can benefit from activities that improve strength, agility and endurance while getting a little self-confidence boost at the same time. Windy City Ninjas has developed a special 55-minute curriculum tailored to varying age and skill levels using concepts from the American Ninja Warrior show. Students complete multiple circuits focused on target areas, rotating stations and obstacles for the first 45 minutes. The last 10 minutes is reserved for your child to show how they’ve improved via unique weekly obstacle courses.

Lil Warriors (ages 2-5)
These young warriors will jump, roll, climb and tumble in an area specially designed for them. Using floor-based exercises, small warped wall, padded quad steps and other age-appropriate equipment, they’ll develop better core strength and agility and have a blast while they’re at it.

Emerging Warriors (ages 5-8)
As they leave behind the Lil Warriors, Emerging Warriors will be conquering the rock-climbing walls, scaling new heights and swinging like the little monkeys they are. As they proceed to some of the more challenging elements, they’ll emerge each week with refined skills and the knowledge that big effort produces results to be proud of.

Ascending Warriors (ages 9-13)
Described as the heart and soul of WCN, the trainers assist Ascending Warriors in building strength, coordination and confidence to help them excel in their chosen sports.

Classes meet weekly and are $120 per month for 1 child, $230 per month for 2 children and $330 per month for 3 children.


It’s not all about the kids
You too can be an America Ninja Warrior, just like your kids! Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. for $25 per session, adult classes give you one heck of a full-body workout via full-size obstacle courses. Just like the classes for kids, the big kid classes have structured circuits which help improve overall strength, agility and fitness level.


Ninja free-for-all
If you’d like to test the Ninja waters before diving in for a class, consider popping in for one of their open gym sessions. Offered several times a week, open gym lasts for two hours and costs $20 per session. Check their calendar and sign up online for available slots.


Party like a Ninja Warrior
Got a birthday boy or girl that’s more sporty than spice? Throw them the ultimate active shindig that’ll keep them moving and leave them exhausted. Parties run 1 hour and 45 minutes and include 60 minutes of gym time and 45 minutes in the party room.  Gym time consists of a timed obstacle race with prizes for winners and the assistance of a professional staff member. You’ll pay $450 for up to 20 children ($20 for each additional child), which includes a dedicated host, a t-shirt for the star of the day, food and drink serving ware and water.  Add-ons like pizza, Gatorade, a fruit bowl, goodie bags and more are available for additional costs. Schedule your parties for Saturdays and Sundays using their online calendar or email for availability of weekday parties.


Special Events
At press time, there were no scheduled events to tell you about specifically, however, check their website regularly for updates. They’ve already hosted a day-off school event that sold out, a President’s Day Camp for Girls with American Ninja Warrior star Michelle Warnky in a partnership with Game On! Sports Camps 4 girls and two hugely successful Fit Fun Family Nights.  Not only that, but they are currently working on summer camp offerings you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

Get started on the road to becoming a Ninja Warrior
In order to participate in the fun, you must create an account for your family and sign waivers for each member. After that’s completed, sign up for a class, special event or open gym session, bring along clean gym shoes and get to climbing, swinging, jumping and having a blast!

Windy City Ninjas
2500 W. Bradley Place
North Center

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— Maria Chambers

Photos provided by Windy City Ninjas