We have some difficult news: January is almost here. Before you sigh and lock yourself in the house, take comfort in tips from local moms. We asked some of our savvy friends and business owners to dish about where they go for winter fun close to home. From tot gymnastics classes in McKinley Park to story hours in Rogers Park, you’ll find plenty of ideas. Click through to meet the moms (and their cute families!) and read their picks.

Michelle Vondiziano – McKinley Park

"We love attending the Moms, Dads + Tots Gymnastics Class at McKinley Park in the winter. The lessons and routines are perfectly challenging -- the kids exert the right amount of energy and leave feeling like they've learned something. The most rewarding part is to see your child blossom in their confidence and skill. The classes fill up fast, so you have to register online at the opening minute! If you go online to chicagoparkdistrict.com, you can get more info or search for classes in your own area."

{You can also find Michelle working as the marketing & projects manager at modern design company Unison and creating surface and print designs for her own biz, January Prints.}

What is your favorite neighborhood go-to spot in winter? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Kelly Aiglon