There’s so much kids can learn from working a garden plot—science, focus, empathy, and that skill we never stop struggling with, patience. These 15 beautiful books will set the tone and have your little ones raring to get out and get dirty; dig through the slideshow to see them all.

Plant a Kiss

Age: 3-7

Deft author Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Little Pea, Duck! Rabbit!) takes a saccharine-sounding subject like growing a kiss tree and makes it into a funny, touching book with a rhyme so bouncing you’ll want to read it again and again. “'I’ll share!’ she declared. Don’t you dare! It’s far too rare! It’ll go bare! (She didn’t care.)” Both text and illustrations are refreshingly minimalist, and the kisses themselves, in raised glitter, invite little hands to touch.

Available at, $14.99.

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—Emma Bland Smith