There’s so much kids can learn from working a garden plot—science, focus, empathy, and that skill we never stop struggling with, patience. These 15 beautiful books will set the tone and have your little ones raring to get out and get dirty; dig through the slideshow to see them all.

Too Many Pumpkins

Age: 4-8

Rebecca is an old woman who can’t stand pumpkins. When one falls off a truck onto her property, she quickly buries it. Her bad. The next spring, hundreds of pumpkins are growing from that spot, and by fall, she has a record-breaking pumpkin crop on her hands. How long can she ignore them? The fantastic illustrations of the winding, twisting pumpkin vines have a delightful fairy tale quality and the hundreds of pumpkin pies that Rebecca ends up turning out will make you yearn for fall.

Available at, $7.99.

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—Emma Bland Smith