There’s so much kids can learn from working a garden plot—science, focus, empathy, and that skill we never stop struggling with, patience. These 15 beautiful books will set the tone and have your little ones raring to get out and get dirty; dig through the slideshow to see them all.

Plant a Little Seed

Age: 4-8

“We water and weed / and dream and wait / and water and wait some more.” The message that patience is a virtue is a common refrain in many, gardening books, but it never loses its oomph—because the payoff is huge! Cherry tomatoes eaten off the vine, peas squeezed from the pod, wheelbarrows heaped with beans and pumpkins and corn—two friends discover the harvest was worth all the waiting. The two children, and the growing plants are depicted in an earthy woodblock style.

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—Emma Bland Smith