When you’re a member of the Gaines family, you learn about work ethic—and shiplap—from a very young age. Proud papa Chip Gaines shared a sweet pic of baby Crew on Instagram…as Magnolia’s newest team member! Um, too cute you guys.

Baby Crew might not be walking or talking yet, but apparently he’s already learning the ropes of the family business. As his older siblings can attest, swinging hammers and shopping for antique finds is all just a part of growing up in the Gaines family.

Chip Gaines shared an adorable picture of their youngest family member laying next to a stack of Magnolia Journal magazines while donning a phone operator headset. The caption reads, “Thank you for calling @magnolia, how can I help you? #GuestServices”

Of course, he’ll have to pop out his pacifier and learn how to speak before he can really help out at the Magnolia offices, but he won’t be the only young intern joining the business. Apparently baby fever has been sweeping the office. Joanna Gaines recently shared an adorable post of all of Magnolia Journal’s youngest “staff.”

The post which features two other babies besides Crew reads, “It was a good year for our magazine #MagnoliaJournal. Not only did we win an award for best newcomer of the year but we also added several promising new interns.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Joanna Gaines via Instagram



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