When you’re a few kids deep, it can start to get challenging to pick a name for a new baby, especially when you have a pattern going, like every name starting with the same letter. If you’ve been wondering, “What will Chip and Joanna Gaines name their baby?” the Gaines’ current naming scheme with Duke, Emmie Kay, Drake and Ella Rose is a pretty big hint at what baby brother’s name will start with. We took to Instagram to see what inspirations this barn door, shiplap-loving couple might use to name baby number five.


There’s nothing dad looks forward to quite like demo day. If the newest member of the Gaines family likes swinging a hammer like his pop, this name will be a “hit” (Get it?).


If the littlest Gaines family member inherits his dad’s sweet moves, this will be the perfect moniker.


These two sure do love a good drumroll, maybe the little guy will be pounding a set of his own.


Wood, nails and decking are sure to be in this tot’s future. This name gives a classy and masculine nod to his dad’s carpentry skills.

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Yes please…

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This might be a little too granola for this somewhat traditional couple, but when mom and dad are this creative, if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, this name will be a perfect fit.

Luckily for the little man on the way, the established Gaines’ boy name pattern didn’t start with an “s”—otherwise we’re pretty sure Shiplap Gaines would be a shoe-in.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Joanna Gaines via Instagram


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