You need your burrito fix and you need it STAT, right? Get ready for drive-thru Chipotle stores to make your life even easier.

Dubbed “Chipotlanes,” these new drive-thru lanes will roll out across the United States in 2019. Unlike traditional fast food drive-thru lanes, the Chipotlane isn’t an order on-the-spot type of situation—because who wants to wait in line for an uber-complicated burrito order?

photo: Courtesy of Chipotle

Instead of waiting until you get to the drive-thru to customize your order, diners must complete their order either online or via the Chipotle app. When you arrive at the restaurant, pull up into a Chipotlane and pick-up your meal. According to a press release, “The drive-up pickup lanes are currently in the test phase, which will be expanded to a few dozens of Chipotle’s 2019 restaurant openings across several markets.”

Later this year, Chipotle also has plans to launch mobile order pickup in-store, similar to what you can already do at Panera: order online or via the app and come on inside to grab your order from a To-Go shelf.

Anyway you slice it, all this means is burritos even faster in our bellies, which is always a good thing!

—Erica Loop



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