Chocolate covered fruit is a delicious way to tell someone you love them (or tell yourself!)  Use milk chocolate and colorful or nutty toppings to jazz up your favorite fruity bites. Read on for instructions so simple even your little one can help along.

1 8 oz. milk chocolate bar (more if you are doing a lot of fruit)
Fruits (banana, strawberries, apples, pears, etc)
Festive sprinkles (simple red and green works too!)
Waxed paper

1. Chop chocolate into small pieces.

2. Take a wide skillet and pour in about an inch of water.

3. Put chopped chocolate into a steel or tempered glass bowl and put the bowl over the water.

4. Simmer the water and watch the chocolate melt. Stir occasionally.

5. When the chocolate is melted, dip fruit into a bowl of chocolate. Coat evenly.

6. Dip the chocolate covered fruit into your sprinkles or nuts (optional) and set it on the wax paper as you wait for the chocolate to harden. You can eat the fruit after or put it in the fridge for later.

Got a secret to chocolate covered fruit? Share it in the comments below!