Ready for an outing that’s totally sweet? We’ve found some amazing chocolate factories that offer Wonka-worthy tours, confection education, and behind-the-scenes looks at bean-to-bar chocolate. The best reason of all to start eyeing tour times? Two words: free samples. From the Swiss countryside to impressive operations across the United States, click through the slideshow to see where the whole family can get a chocolate fix.

Theo Chocolate (Seattle, Wa)

Theo Chocolates gets major bragging rights for being the first American chocolate company to go fully organic. At their Seattle headquarters, you can watch their whole bean-to-bar process—from the cacao bean sacks being opened to bars being molded and wrapped. (Psst! The chocolate samples are plentiful!) Factory tours are small (and led by enthusiastic guides) and meant for kids 6 & up. For younger tots, there’s always a weekly chocolate storytime to take in. Learn more here.

photo: Diana A. via Yelp

Have you taken the family on a chocolate factory tour? Which one did you visit? 

—Abigail Matsumoto

featured photo by Everjean via flickr