Forget the store-bought chocolate coins this Hanukkah and make your own chocolate gelt! Kids will love playing candy-maker—and neatly-tied bags of these homemade goodies make great holiday gifts for friends, family and teachers! Read on for the easy step-by-step instructions.

What you’ll need: 

Mini muffin tin

Microwave-safe bowl

1-2 bags of dark chocolate chips or melting chocolate

Edible gold dusting powder (like this, available online or at Michael’s craft shops)

Food-safe dusting brush (like this, available online or at Michael’s craft shops)

Wax paper

Decorative bags with ties

Gold or silver foil (optional; not shown)

Step One: Dump Chocolate Chips into Microwave-Safe Container
Let your little chef dump the entire bag(s) of chocolate chips into a microwave-safe container (and don’t be surprised if a few chips go missing). One 10 oz bag should be enough to make 24 thin coins.

Step Two: Get Melting
Set your microwave for one minute, then stir chocolate chips to distribute the heat. Then, microwave chocolate in 30-second increments until smooth. Stir to make sure all the chips are melted. For added flavor, you can add 1/2 tsp of vanilla, peppermint pieces, or chopped nuts.

Step Three: Spoon Chocolate Into Muffin Tins
Show your little candy-makers how to drip the chocolate into the muffin tins. If you don’t want chocolate all over your kid’s clothes, be sure to have a bib or towel handy (especially if your littles are dressed in princess gowns, as shown above). When all the cups are filled, bang the pan against the table a few times to settle the chocolate so there are no ridges. Then, refrigerate for one hour — or freeze for 30 minutes — until the chocolate hardens.

Hint: Don’t overfill your tins; you want the coins to be thin. About a teaspoon of chocolate per coin should be enough. 

Step Four: Pop ‘Em Out!
Once chocolate hardens, turn the pan upside down and bend it to pop them from the tins (the harder the chocolate is, the easier this is to do). If the coins are stuck, run a knife along the edges to help them release.

Note: Our coins turned out a bit too thick, so don’t be afraid to be sparse when spooning yours!

Step Five: Add Gold
Let your kids use the dusting brush and dusting powder to “paint” edible gold onto their coins.

Step Six: Wrap And Package Your Coins 
Wrap your coins in gold or silver foil (you can buy special candy foil on Amazon or just use regular aluminum foil). Then, put your finished coins into a gift bag and tie them up to make sweet treats that you can give friends and family during the holiday.

Happy Hanukkah!

Do you have any other fun ideas for Hanukkah activities? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Photos and story by Melissa Heckscher