Some moms get teary-eyed when they send their kiddos off to pre-k. Others rejoice (ah, those handful of hours mean so very much). But Chrissy Teigen at Luna’s first day of school didn’t really look like either of those scenarios.

Nope. Teigen didn’t cry. She had a much more…effusive reaction. Chrissy Teigen—gorgeous supermodel and TV show host—totally projectile barfed when she took Luna to nursery school. Oops. Also? Kind of gross. But let’s let Teigen explain.

Teigen is known for being very much the real mama type. And this incident is no exception to the rule. Not only did Teigen puke at her daughter’s preschool, but she told the world about it via Twitter.

And if you’re wondering if Teigen had back-to-school butterflies in her tummy, she didn’t. The Teigen-Legend clan had been vacationing in Bali for the past few weeks. As it turns out, they just returned—jet-lagged and not exactly preschool ready—well, at least Teigen wasn’t.

Thankfully, the incident doesn’t seemed to have scarred her daughter too much, as Teigen posted this sweet IG of Luna heading off to school, all dressed up for her big day.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram 



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