Even though Chrissy Teigen is a gorgeously famous SI swimsuit model, accomplished cookbook author and entrepreneur, she’s kind of like the rest of us mamas. Teigen recently tweeted about her recent purchase for daughter Luna’s preschool lunches—and it might sound familiar.

So your kiddo isn’t into gourmet cuisine? Their oddball preferences, such as jam on pickles or oatmeal with sweet and sour sauce, are just part of childhood. According to Teigen’s tweet, Luna’s no different.

The mom recently had to buy a bulk box of 2,000 ketchup packets for her daughter to dip cucumbers into. Teigen started the Twitter thread by writing, “I’ve been looking up good lunches to put in my kid’s bento lunch box and while everyone’s lunches look cute, my kid will never eat this sh** without me bribing, in person.”

If that sounds like your fam, then the rest of Teigen’s tweet is probably pretty relatable too, “Everyone’s stuffed olive tapenade pita cat faces can suck it. Say hello to pizza bagel.”

Of course Luna isn’t the only preschooler who is totally into her own food choices. One pre-k teacher replied, “I have a kid in my preschool class whose parents pack him a container of ketchup for dipping that he just drinks, as a lunch appetizer of sorts.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram



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