Almost every new mama has postpartum body image issues—and Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel Chrissy Teigen is no different. Even though she may have made a career out of her supermodel looks, the mommy of two recently talked to Women’s Health about the changes she’s gone through since becoming a mom.

Teigen admits that she wasn’t exactly good to her body following the birth of now-two-year-old Luna. Too much alcohol, not enough of the right types of foods and postpartum depression left Teigen feeling less than perfect. In an interview with Women’s Health she admitted, “After Luna, I was drinking too much.” She went on to add, “I wasn’t eating as much because I was full from drinking. I wasn’t good to my body.”

That didn’t last long. Teigen started taking antidepressants and went to a wellness retreat at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali with hubby John Legend.

Teigen feeds herself well now—her typical daily diet includes “lactation porridge” with mushrooms and a poached egg for breakfast, a late lunch of coconut-chicken curry, red meat or avocado toast with prosciutto, red onion, tomatoes and chili flakes on Dave’s Killer Bread. Yum.

Along with a late lunch, Teigen also eats a later dinner, telling Women’s Health that she eats a lean night-time meal.

As a superstar model, Teigen may have spent years wearing skimpy swimwear in front of the camera. Even so, she now admits, “Honestly, I don’t ever have to be in a swimsuit again.” She also added, “Since I was 20 years old, I had this weight in my mind that I am, or that I’m supposed to be. I’ve been so used to that number for 10 years now. And then I started realizing it was a swimsuit-model weight. There’s a very big difference between wanting to be that kind of fit and wanting to be happy-fit.”

We’re digging Teigen’s self-reflection since becoming a mom and can’t wait for her latest relatable motherhood IG post.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram



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