The crib to “big kid” bed transition is a major milestone for lots of families. But when Chrissy Teigen’s daughter, Luna, celebrated this magical moment, it wasn’t all smiles and giggles—but it sure was the sweetest.

In a recent series of Instagram posts, Teigen shared a sneak peek into her tot’s adorable reaction to getting a new bed. As Luna inspected her “big girl” sleeping space, she noticed that something very important was missing—her toys!

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After taking a long look at the bed, Luna turned around and marched over to the corner of her room. Pointing at her toys, she said, “Why you take that out?” The two-year-old grabbed as many of her furry friends as she could and started placing them back onto the bed as Teigen responded, “You can do whatever you want.”

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“thank you mama” 😩😩😩

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The model and cookbook author-mama also posted a second clip, featuring Luna and her daddy, musician John Legend, putting the stuffed animals and dolls onto the bed. Ever the doting dad, Legend asked his daughter, “Who else do you want in the bed with you?” And how did Luna respond?

Instead of asking for more toys, the couldn’t-be-cuter toddler said sweetly, “Thank you mama.”

—Erica Loop

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