Social media has created a whole new breed of shamers. And when Chrissy Teigen posed topless making salad on Instagram, she put plenty of them in their place. Yep. The supermodel, and supermama, put it all out there — giving us a full view (at least, from the waist up) of her pregnant self.

Teigen is no stranger to social media. She’s also no stranger to social media shaming. The mama of one, soon to be two, has caught flack for everything from her decision to conceive using IVF to how she holds her daughter on the playground slide. Well, now Teigen is getting ahead of the shamers with a sarcastically sweet IG post.

Body shaming has become increasingly problematic for celebs. Whether they’re too thin, not thin enough, not snapping back after pregnancy right away, snapping back too quickly after being pregnant or just wearing a baggy shirt that makes them look questionably pregnant, it seems like someone has something to say about every celebrity’s body.

Sure, Teigen has shown plenty of skin as a model. But this pic is totally joyously, hilariously different. With…um, strategically placed salads, Teigen smiles as she whips up a seemingly healthy salad. She captions the post, “plz don’t shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life.” You go, Chrissy!

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—Erica Loop



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