Celeb, supermodel and super-mama Chrissy Teigen got real on Twitter recently. Teigen candidly talked (or rather, tweeted) with fans during a no holds barred Q and A session!

So what did Teigen dish about? The model-mama opened up about what it’s like to raise her two kiddos, Luna and Miles, as an in-the-spotlight celebrity. When one fan asked, “What is the best perk of being a celebrity?” Teigen responded:

If you’re wondering how Teigen starts her days, when she was asked if she sets an alarm or someone wakes her “gently” she tweeted:

While Teigen has plenty of just-like-us issues to deal with, she also has those celeb-only parenting moments. When asked, “Do you ever have issues with people talking to Miles and Luna without your permission if they see y’all in public?” she said:

If you’re wondering what Teigen would do if she wasn’t a super-celeb, she said:

Like other celebrity parents, Teigen has to deal with the paparazzi following her kiddos. One fan asked how her fam deals with them and Teigen replied:

What is Teigen most proud of? Like many of us mamas, Teigen is proud of her kids—and of course, her cookbook!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram



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