Oh, the Teigen-Legend family. They really, really, really couldn’t be cuter. Right? Come on. Even before they had daughter Luna (who happens to look like a pint-sized version of her father), Teigen and Legend were adorable. Add in a sweet little tot, and now four perfect pups and you have a recipe for all kinds of, “Awwws!” Seriously. Check out the new addition to Teigen and Legend’s clan and see just how sweet she is for yourself.

Yes, Teigen and Legend have reportedly said they’re ready to go through IVF again and try for baby number two. But in the meantime, their family is growing in another way. No, they aren’t adopting a new baby. Not exactly anyway. Technically, the pair did “adopt” a new little one. But it’s not of the human variety.

So what have Teigen and Legend done that scores them mega cute points? Well, they brought home a new puppy.

The pair are already pet parents to three other bulldogs: Pippa, Puddy and Penny. Now they’ve adopted a new baby bulldog! Teigen posted pics of Pepper, the new British bulldog, frolicking with Luna. The Instagram post is as absolutely adorable as you’d imagine.

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