That look of wonder on Christmas morning on your excited, jammie clad elf’s face, as she drags you in to see what Santa left?  It’s too bad that only happens once a year.  But it doesn’t have to.  That same mix of wonder, excitement and a little touch of magic will cross their faces when they see these holiday confections that they won’t believe they can eat.  We couldn’t resist throwing in a few crazy-amazing sweets, but most of these treats even the craft-challenged (that’s us!) can recreate at home. Click through the slideshow to take a peek.

Snowmen for Breakfast

These tasty little guys from Worth Pinning require no baking, ovens, fondant, frosting or anything tricky at all. And you can serve them for dessert, or if you’re feeling really crazy, you can even serve them for breakfast. They’re donuts after all… mini-powdered donuts and powdered donut holes for that snowy look, on a stick, with a candy corn nose, mini chip mouth and candy ball or gumball buttons. Kids can even help out; they’re that easy.

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Are you a baker or a buyer when it comes to holiday tasty treats?  What is your traditional Christmas sweet?

— Meghan Rose