Every family has its unique traditions, whether it’s a special Christmas Day dinner or a place you love to visit. This holiday season, try starting a new tradition. We’ve got eight easy ideas that any family can start, from crafts to cookies to hiking. Scroll down for a few simple ideas.

1. Host (or Attend) a Cookie Swap

Baking dozens of varieties of cookies might not seem plausible, but there is a way to get a variety of treats for gift giving and holiday parties! Host (or attend) a cookie swap. Each attendee brings a big batch of one kind of cookie; the more people you get the more variety (and the fewer cookies each person needs to bring). Bring along containers to package up your treats. 

Looking for cookie inspiration? Check out our top 50+ recipes here. 

2. Make One Gift

If making gifts for everyone on your list could sounds like a daunting task, choose just one person to make a gift for. Here are 39 ideas for easy, DIY gifts that are actually useful. 

3. Take an Epic Trip

These towns really do it up for the Christmas season and will reinvigorate the magic of the season into the hearts of every girl and boy. You can add to your bucket list for next year, or you can just GO.

4. Interview a Neighbor

Pass some neighborly cheer next door, over the fence, or across the courtyard and find a friendly neighbor to be interviewed. Have the kids ask questions like these, and you'll be surprised how quickly a frown turns to an ally. 

5. Take a New Years Day Hike

Don't spend all day indoors—take a hike together! It doesn't have to be on NYD either, you could make it a new Christmas Day tradition, an annual Solstice event or any day you'd like. 

5. Volunteer with the Kids

While your family may give back to the community all year round, take time during the holidays to install this as a tradition. Whether it's delivering meals, making cards or serving food, there are lots of ways kids can get involved in helping those less fortunate. Here are 12 ways kids can help without even leaving the house. 

6. Throw an Ugly Sweater Party

It's all the rage and it's easier than you think. We've got your complete guide right here!  Plus, we've already rounded up super-fugly sweaters you can buy in a flash, for every member of your crew.

7. Make an Ornament

Do this every year and you'll have a tree's worth by the time they're grown. Here are 21 ideas that anyone can make. 

8. Host a Holiday Family Game Night with Your Bestie Fam

You've done so many playdates this year you can't even count, but why not have your kiddos fave pals over with their family for a multi-family game night? You can snag a new board game before they come over or try some of these traditional Christmas party games.Throw in some easy appetizers and you'll be the talk of 2020. 

—Amber Guetebier

featured image: Guille Alvarez via Unsplash 


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