Chuck E. Cheese’s has just announced its new All You Can Play gaming experience, and your kids are going to love it. Starting at just $9 for 30 minutes of play, parents can now purchase time instead of tokens to play on any game––no exceptions!

The program brings lots of bonuses, including more play time that’s not hindered by running out of tokens or play points, more tickets to purchase prizes and a better controlled experience set by parents. That’s right, no more “…but I have 10 tokens left to play!”

Getting set up under the All You Can Play experience is simple. When you arrive at Chuck E. Cheese’s you can purchase time and it will be linked to a gaming card. Kids can use their card to play any game with no restrictions. Each block of purchased time allows for 2 pauses which you can activate at a kiosk for those bathroom trips and mealtimes. Then you can resume play!

The new program is available any day of the week and any game can be played as many times as your kiddos want. It’s also easy to add time to gaming cards for additional playtime, and the card will automatically stop working once time has run out. Parents rejoice!

While we are sure kids will thoroughly enjoy the new program, the best part is that parents now have tools to plan their family outing and how long it will be. The affordability of All You Can Play means everyone can have fun without feeling like you spent your entire paycheck on tokens, siblings won’t squabble over who has play points still left, and when time’s up, it’s time to go home!


––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr.


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