You love candy corn. And you love pizza. So what about candy corn pizza? If you just did a double-take (that included a kind of shocked looking face), you aren’t alone. A candy corn pizza isn’t exactly something that sounds, umm…delicious. But that hasn’t stopped Chuck E. Cheese’s from making one. Check out what this epically odd Halloween treat really is.

photo: CEC Entertainment, Inc.

Okay, okay. This isn’t an actual pizza with candy corn on it. No way. Chuck E. Cheese’s may have a menu that’s not exactly in the adulting level, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone off the deep end here.

What exactly is a candy corn pizza? In reality, this colorful concoction is a regular ol’ cheese pizza. Actually, it’s a white pizza. Here’s the thing — the pizza wizards at Chuck E. Cheese’s have arranged the cheese to look like the traditional tri-colored candy corn. Yep. This white pizza has garlic mozzarella cheese in the center, circled by a ring of cheddar. And there you go, it’s got that distinctive candy corn color.

This Halloween-themed treat is only available at Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants from October 16–31. Oh, and if you’re missing that sweet, sweet taste of real candy corn, don’t stress. The pizza comes complete with two small-sized bags of the real deal. For dessert, not as a topping.

And if you’re totally into free things (who isn’t?), Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants will be giving away free pieces of candy corn pizza to customers every hour, on the hour, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Halloween night. That is, while supplies last.

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