Between the bright lights, loud sounds and everything else that goes on inside, it’s easy to see how Chuck E. Cheese’s can overwhelm just about anyone. But for kids with autism or special needs, the sensory overload can be waaaay too much. To help, Chuck E. Cheese’s launched Sensory Sensitive Sundays for kids with special needs.

As if the bells, buzzers, shouts, screams and random kid squeals aren’t tough enough to handle, multiply that by a playspace that’s packed wall-to-wall—and what seems like a simple trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s can actually be a major challenge for children with autism or other sensory-related needs. So on the first Sunday of every month, the restaurant-play-place will open two hours early, just for kids with special needs.

Sensory Sensitive Sundays (at participating locations only) will feature dimmed lighting, limited Chuck E. appearances, food, games and a version of the musical show with lowered volume, along with quieter ambient music, too. Along with the sensory sensitive setting, the chain’s caring staff will be on-hand to help out and make the experience memorable for each and every guest.

If you’re not sure which locations near you will offer this event, get the list right here.

Do play places and restaurants, like Chuck E. Cheese’s, overwhelm your child? Share your story with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Mike Mozart via flickr


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