If you’re a die-hard Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan, you’ve probably dreamt of all the ways you can incorporate the cinnamon-y goodness into other foods. Now, some of those ideas are a reality!

Next time you hit up the grocery store, make sure you don’t miss the refrigerated section where you can pick up Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie Dough and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamon Rolls. The delightful treats are brand new, hitting shelves for only a limited time.

photos: Courtesy of General Mills

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie Dough is the perfect mixture of sugar cookie with Cinnadust mixed into the dough. Even better, it’s safe to eat raw so you can easily grab and eat in the closet while hiding from the kids. You can grab a pack that makes 12 big cookies for two for $5 at grocery retailers nationwide.

If you’re looking for a new breakfast treat, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamon Rolls come with your fave flavor that’s topped with luscious vanilla icing. A roll makes eight and sells for two for $5.

Both products arrive in stores in June and don’t wait––they will only be here for a short time.

––Karly Wood



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