This holiday season make self-care a priority and treat yourself (after all, you’ve earned it). Clarisonic knows that busy parents don’t always have the time for a spa day so they’ve made indulging in “me” time easier than ever with their easy-to-use, skin cleansing devices.

We asked 9 moms and 1 dad to try Clarisonic for a week and share their feedback. Read on to hear why savvy parents around the web love Clarisonic.

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1. Brightened, Smoother Skin
Fitness and lifestyle blogger, Joanne Encarnacion tells us that Clarisonic has made her skin feel brighter, smoother and more moisturized. She’s even including Clarisonic in her holiday gift guide this year.




2. Good Skin While Traveling
For moms on-the-go, the last thing you want is a bulky device in your travel or diaper bag. Clarisonic’s small size (it fits in the palm of your hand) makes it the ideal travel companion. Jenny of Jenny on the Spot divulges that, “The Mia Fit is such a compact little thing! I do my fair share of traveling, and this little gal is an ideal travel companion. In my experience, if there is EVER a time one needs to get one’s face good and clean – it’s when traveling.” Hear more about her Clarisonic experience here.




3. Gentle Enough to Use More Than Once a Day
Clarisonic fun fact: the device gently removes makeup 6x better than hands. But, according to Amelia Jones (and moms everywhere), it’s gentle enough to use twice a day. This means that no matter your daily schedule, it’s easy to fit in a few minutes of indulgence multiple times a day.



4. Great for All Skin Types and Ages
It’s not every day that we come across a product that works for teenagers with acne-prone skin to grandmothers who are looking to brighten and clean. It’s this versatility of Clarisonic that the blog 5 Minutes for Mom cited noteworthy. They told us, “I’ve struggled with oily, acne prone skin ever since I was a teenager. But to add to that, my skin is also super sensitive and in the past few years I’ve had patches of eczema. So I have to use mild cleansers and light lotions. The Mia FIT has been gentle enough to not upset my skin or trigger eczema while at the same time it deeply cleanses.” Read more about 5 Minutes for Mom’s experience here.



5. A Gentle Deep Cleanse=Win!
In any given day you’re chasing your kids through sand boxes at the playground, chauffeuring your clan around and cheering on your mini-athletes from the sidelines. Clearly, when bedtime hits you’re in need of a deep facial cleanse. Northwestmommy reveals that her Clarisonic device, “helps me take all the dirt of my face after hours spent outdoors with my animals.” Read more about her experience below.






6. You’ll Need Less Makeup
Sure, Clarisonic is pro at removing makeup, but did you know daily use might just minimize the amount of makeup you actually put on? Emily of New Orleans Mom Blog states, “I’ve now been using the brush for a little over a week, and I’m already starting to see a difference in the appearance of my skin. I’m using less makeup because my skin tone is more even, and my face is starting to look more radiant. I’m definitely going to add the Clarisonic to my arsenal of beauty products.” Read more about Emily’s experience here.




7. Got Marker Face?
Doodles on your face stand no chance with Clarisonic. Babysideburns tells us, “Note to self, do not fall asleep on the couch ever again when the kids are doing arts and crafts. I am soooo lucky that my new Mia FIT from Clarisonic arrived just in time because the green marker wasn’t coming off at all until I used it. It is AWESOME. It’s super gentle, but somehow it still cleans way better than just my hands and my skin feels great after.” We’re taking her word for it.




8. Better Absorption of Skin Products
Mom of three, Lindsey Bonnice shares, “I have always suffered from severe dry skin. Through the years I’ve tried many different kinds of cleansers, lotions and more but nothing ever really helped and since I also have sensitive skin some things even irritated it more. I recently began using the @Clarisonic Mia FIT every day and have noticed a huge change in my skin already! It’s so soft now and makes applying my foundation look so much smoother and even looking which I love!” In fact, 86% of women noticed better absorption of their skincare products, according to Clarisonic.




9. Dad, You Can Benefit, Too!
Clearly, moms love Clarisonic, but did you know it’s great for men, too? Gena at Ginger Casa tried it out on her husband. She reveals, “It works great for guys that shave (fewer nicks, bumps and irritation) and for cleansing skin under facial hair. The Clarisonic device even works on bearded skin and never twists or pulls because the head moves back and forth instead of spinning.” She continues, “Hubby has been using the Clarisonic Alpha Fit for a week now, and he is so thrilled with the results. He has told me thank you on multiple occasions because he is so happy to have found something that WORKS for his skin! The results are just astounding and I know his skin will continue to improve.” Read more about Gena and her husband’s experience here.





10. Remember, Your Skin Deserves Some Love, Too
According to Shelley Hopper, adults carry nearly 8 pounds and 22-square-feet of skin. Good news: Clarisonic makes it easy to take care of it all! After all, as Shelly reminds us, Healthy happy skin means a healthy happy YOU.



Save 20% on a Clarisonic device through the exclusive Red Tricycle offer when you use REDTRICYCLE promo code at checkout (expires 12-17-2016 and not combinable with any other offer).


Have you tried Clarisonic? How do you treat yourself? Leave us a comment below!