During the glory days (in our opinion) of animation, you had to wait until Saturday morning to get your fill of cartoon fun. Now, tech-savvy kids have access to what seems like an unlimited number of shows, and—luckily for you—the cult-favorites are available too. From wascally wabbits to Thundercats, Ho!, here are nine classic cartoon series perfect for streaming with your little people.

The Jetsons

For old fans and new viewers alike—it’s a blast from the past to see the utopian, but dated, vision of the 21st century depicted in The Jetsons. Zip around Orbit City with George, Jane, Judy and Elroy and enjoy their family team-working skills. From Spacely’s Space Sprockets and Mooning Dales to fold-up spacecars, a robot named Rosie, and coffee made with the press of a button (wait, that invention actually exists!) you’ll get a kick out of going back to the future.

Ages 5 & up.

Available at amazon.com, $1.99 per episode.

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— Gabby Cullen