During the glory days (in our opinion) of animation, you had to wait until Saturday morning to get your fill of cartoon fun. Now, tech-savvy kids have access to what seems like an unlimited number of shows, and—luckily for you—the cult-favorites are available too. From wascally wabbits to Thundercats, Ho!, here are nine classic cartoon series perfect for streaming with your little people.


Thundercats Ho! If you don’t remember this cult series from the '80s, now’s the time to re-discover the adventures of Lion-O, Cheetara, Snarf, Panthro and the rest of the Thundercats as they roll around in the Thundertank fighting off the evil Mumm-Ra. With help from special powers and tools like super-fast cheetah speed and the Sword of Omens, the furry humanoids from Thundera represent loyalty, determination, and perseverance, which are all still important messages today.

Ages 7 & up.

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— Gabby Cullen