During the glory days (in our opinion) of animation, you had to wait until Saturday morning to get your fill of cartoon fun. Now, tech-savvy kids have access to what seems like an unlimited number of shows, and—luckily for you—the cult-favorites are available too. From wascally wabbits to Thundercats, Ho!, here are nine classic cartoon series perfect for streaming with your little people.

The Pink Panther Show

The '70s era cartoon series doesn’t just feature the bumbling Inspector Clouseau from the original films. Every episode consists of three animated shorts: one with the heroic, mannerly feline, one with Clouseau himself and one with the Ant and the Aardvark. Whether that cool cat is saving the day, running away or thwarting The Man, The Pink Panther Show is timeless and packed full of family-friendly action perfect for little viewers as well as parents.

Ages 5 & up.

Available on xfinity.com, free with subscription.

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— Gabby Cullen