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Christine Hernandez is a Mama on a mission to help other Mama's find their village and get the support they need to thrive.

The moment I saw that positive pregnancy test for the first time the part of me that wasn’t terrified went into instant Mama Bear mode. I wanted to make sure I ate all the right things, took the right supplements but what I didn’t realize was that what I was putting ON my body was just as important as what I was putting IN my body and my personal care products needed a little bit of a change up.

I used The Environmental Working Group’s ( searchable database to check how the ingredients in the products I was using measured up against their safety guidelines and I was surprised at what I found. It took a little of combing through the shelves at Target and some trial and error to find things that were both clean AND effective but once I found these five staples, I have never gone back to my old stuff.


In my 20's I had a swollen lymph node under my arm for two years. It was so big that you could see it when I wore tank tops and it made my armpit look weird. I went to numerous doctors until one suggested I stop using deodorant. Unwilling to just wear NOTHING, I scoured the healthfood store shelves and this Crystal's claim of being amazing intrigued me. It is literally just mineral salts and you wet it and rub it on your pits and go about your business smelling fresher than a daisy without any nasty chemicals. Five years later, that lymph node is no longer swollen and I will never use conventional deodorant again (and I don't smell, you can ask my hubs).

Mineral Salt Crystal Deodorant

Crystal Deodorant- Your Pits Will Thank You



The third trimester definitely prepares you for life with a newborn (hello 3am insomnia) and I was super thankful to have Beautycounter's Skin Twin Creamy Concealer to slather under my eyes to make me feel a bit more human. It comes in 13 shades and contains responsibly sourced ingredients that not only conceal dark circles and blemishes but work to improve overall skintone- without the use of questionable ingredients or animal testing.

Beautycounter Skintwin Creamy Concealer

I Got 99 Problems- But Dark Eye Circles Ain't One



Most over the counter acne treatments contain salicylic acid, which some providers advise against use during pregnancy. Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment features colloidal sulfur, tea tree oil and chamomile that absorbs quickly and penetrates pores to help control blemishes and keep skin clear. It does not include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide, common acne-fighting ingredients that can over dry or irritate the skin and are not recommended during pregnancy. Every Belli product is allergy tested, free of paraben preservatives, gluten, phthalates, and artificial dyes or fragrances and is approved by OBGYN's & dermatologists. I was one of the (un)lucky ones who's pregnancy glow faded into pregnancy pimples and Belli was my go-to!

Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment

Banish Those Pregnancy Pimples Safely



There is some evidence that whether or not you get stretch marks is hereditary but that did not stop me from slathering my belly with this oil on the daily. Did I get stretch marks, no. Do I know for sure it was because I used this oil, also no. But, it was nice to take some time every night to rub my belly and connect with the tiny person growing inside. It doesn't contain any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or petroleum and is cruelty free!

SheaMoisture Daily Hydration Body Oil

Rub That Belly, Baby



Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Seriously The Only Face Product You Need

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I have never been one to like the feeling of foundation on my face but Dew Skin is makeup with the feeling of a moisturizer plus- it has SPF. On my most exhausted of days, I can take five seconds to rub some Dew Skin on my face and BOOM- I am out the door. It features a blend of black currant seed oil, peony root extract, and vitamin C to help brighten while leaving skin looking radiant and non-nano zinc oxide, a mineral sunscreen that is coral safe. Like all of Beautycounter's products, it's free from over 1800 harmful chemicals, never tested on animals and ethically and sustainably sourced.