When it comes to your sidekick, it’s not so much the places that she’ll go, but oh, the places she’ll spill. But don’t worry: prevention is key and we’ve got some simple tricks to help prevent some major melts (onto the couch). Click through the flipbook to get a jump on spills, splatters, drips and more. with these simple tricks that are designed to keep kids clean.

Clip It

Burrito, meet your new best friend, the bag clip. Whether your kiddo likes his burrito stuffed with carne asada or he leans toward the bean and cheese combo, clipping that pesky open end shut using a bag clip will mean less mess while he chows down. Nom nom!

photo: Sara Olsher


Do you have a preventative hack to add to this list? Leave it in a comment.

 —Allison Sutcliffe