When one mom couldn’t get her kids to clean the mess left behind in the kitchen she came up with a totally genius home WiFi password hack that went viral. Oh, but she’s not alone. While there aren’t exactly infinite numbers of parents who use their home’s WiFi as a chore incentive, check out what some of these super-smart parents did to get their kiddos cleaning.


Hold the WiFi Password Hostage

So how did the now-viral WiFi mama convince her kids to clean? She posted a note! Okay, so it wasn’t just any old note. Her note read, “Today’s WiFi password can be unlocked by texting a photo of a clean kitchen to mom.” Hmm. Changing the WiFi password on the regular as a way to get the kids to clean? We’re impressed with this completely clever hack.

Set Up a Toy Ransom Box

What happens when your kiddo leaves their toys out? Put together your very own toy ransom box in response. This genius hack is incredibly easy and soooo effective. You put the toys that your child either forgot or simply refused to clean up in a bin they can’t open. Your child must then pick a chore to do before getting back their prized possession.

Keep Score with Grounded/Ungrounded

Two words no kid likes to here are “You’re grounded.” When one mom wanted to “unground” her kids, she came up with a creative hack. For each chore that her kids did, they could earn points. Once they had earned enough points, they could each earn one “ungrounding.”

Play Musical Chores

When TV producer Sara Pelissero posted a video of her 3-year-old happily doing dishes, the clip quickly went viral. Why? Well it wasn’t the fact that the little girl was cleaning. It was that she was cleaning while rapping along with DMX’s hit Party Up. Take this one to heart and pick a favorite song that your kiddo loves. Listening to the music may just may chores seem more manageable.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Sharon Pflug via Burst


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