Looking for a clever way to spice up your gingerbread cookie routine? You don’t have to master the art of ninjutsu to create something amazing, you just need a little inspiration. Read on for our tips and tricks to making some of the cutest little ninjas around (next to your own kids).

ninja kid girls photo: Steven Depolo via flickr 

First: Make sure your cookies aren’t better used as throwing stars.
Start with a time-tested gingerbread cookie recipe, like this one from Pioneer Woman. If you are more in the mood for a sugar cookie, here’s our favorite recipe that guarantees cookies perfect for cutting out in any shape or size. Most of the following cookies were made using a Ninjabread Man cookie cutter, of which a few varieties exist. You can buy them here. You can also try your hand at tracing a template like this basic ninja outline onto a simple piece of waxed paper. You then lay the waxed paper silhouette on the rolled out dough and use a butter knife to cut out the shape. Try using a toothpick or two to hold the paper in place while you trace. To decorate you will want to whip up a batch of royal icing. We love this one from Wendy at Around My Family Table, because it doesn’t call for meringue powder (an ingredient few of us keep on hand). You can tint the icing as you’d like, depending on the design you decide to do. If you don’t have the time or ingredients to make the icing, simple store bought piping gel or icing works fine. Now, scroll through the below photos to get inspiration for your batch of ninjabread men! 

1. The Santa Ninja

Simple, stealthy and easy for little hands to do.

ninja bread men cookies  photo: 900hp via flickr

2. The Details in the Shapes Ninja

This one requires patiences to let the yellow/blue (or whatever color you choose) dry first before applying the black. Patience.

ninja men cookies photo: Dov Harrington via flickr

3. The Ganache Ninja

An easy design, well suited for the sugar cookie ninja. You can get creative, too, with thin ropes of licorice (in black or red) in place of the piping, but you’ll want some icing to hold the candy in place.

ninja cookies photo: Dani Armengol Garreta via flickr

4. The Colorful Ninja

These perfectly piped ninjas have a couple extra steps to get them looking so clean: a light coating of white icing covers them first. Note the eyes: they seem to really make these sweet snacks pop.

ninjabread men ninja cookies photo: Pat McGrath via flickr

5. The Christmas Ninja

More fully iced than other ninjas, these festive fellows can be served right along your holiday trees, bells and wreaths to give a little humor and grins to your cookie plate.

ninja bread men christmas cookies photo: Natalie Curtiss via flickr


Do you have a clever way to decorate your Ninja cookies? Share them with us on social media, just tag them #RedTricycle and #NinjaBreadMen! 

—Amber Guetebier


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