Working from home so you can spend more time with your kids can be a dream, but when your pint-sized co-workers give Dwight Schrute a run for his money, a space to work outside your home sounds pretty nice, too. For working moms, a workspace with childcare can be an amazing solution to finding that elusive mom-life balance. Read on for where to get down to business while your kids take their job of play seriously.

photo: The Wing

The Little Wing - Multiple Locations

The Wing, a members-only workspace designed for women, recently expanded its amenities to include childcare in The Little Wing. The workspace for professional women, which also offers empowering events, speakers and community-building activities, now offers childcare at two of its locations in New York City's SOHO and the newest addition in West Hollywood, California. The childcare spaces are colorful, inviting and fully furnished in Crate & Kids. In addition to babysitting services, while you work, The Little Wing also offers enrichment classes for kids, like music, art and yoga, as well as workshops for parents. The Wing also has locations in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Good To Know: In addition to the membership fee, babysitting services are offered by Wingsitters for $25 for two hours for kids six months to six years.

52 Mercer St. 5th Fl.

8550 Santa Monica Blvd.


photo: Big and Tiny

Big and Tiny - Santa Monica, CA

This newly opened, "integrated learn, work, and play space" has the goal of fostering productivity, creativity and community for kids and parents alike. The modern, streamlined office space allows parents to focus on work, while the boutique playground/creative space dubbed "Tinyland," which is reminiscent of a castle in the forest, enables kids ages six months to six years play with sensory-rich sustainable toys that will encourage their imagination. Big and Tiny partnered with School of Wonder to design an educational program for kids that focuses on mindfulness and community-based learning, offering classes including yoga, music, dance, languages, drama and creative movement.

Good to know: They offer an array of co-working plans wherein parents have access to a workspace, printers, WiFi, etc. while kids enjoy enrichment classes and activities.

1731 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

photo: The Hive

The Hive - Austin, TX

The Hive is all the buzz for busy parents in South Austin. Parents can get down to business in their co-working office by renting a desk monthly that comes with childcare, printing, conference room use and even a bottle of wine on Fridays. Parents must remain on-site while their kids are being cared for, and they can stay in childcare for up to four hours per day or 12 hours per week. As a perk, The Hive has a nice breakfast, lunch and snack menu which includes coffee drinks, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and more.

Good to know: Not ready to commit to a paid plan? You can visit The Hive free of charge in their indoor/outdoor open seating area, either outside at the picnic tables or inside at the cafe area and lounge and get some work done while you supervise your kids play.

10415 Old Manchaca Rd.
Austin, TX 78748

photo: EvolveHer

EvolveHer - Chicago-IL

The EvolveHer loft isn't just a workspace, it's a community made for working women. In addition to offering a welcoming environment, the co-working space with dedicated desks and private offices just for women also features weekly events designed to support its members, as well as event space to rent and a studio to record podcasts or videos. EvolveHer has a partnership with Sprouts Academy, a preschool located in the same building as the offices, to provide childcare for members.

358 W. Ontario St. #3W
Chicago, IL

The Garden by Equal Play - San Mateo, CA

We may still be waiting on equal pay, but in the meantime, there's Equal Play, a calm and quiet distraction-free, fully-equipped co-working space for parents/loving learning environment for kids "where everyone grows." The caregivers on staff have taken a minimum of 12 units of Early Childhood Education and are trained in positive discipline so you can rest assured your kiddos (infancy to school-age) are being well cared for in The Play Garden or The Nursery while you work (both are screen-free as well). There are several options of membership as well as hourly and daily rates. Founded by a mom, The Garden by Equal Play wants to accommodate parents by being flexible and working with them to ensure they can meet their needs no matter how large or small. Coffee and tea are complimentary, and meals are available for purchase. Kids are treated to a healthy, nut-free breakfast and lunch during their stay.

Good to know: There are nursing/napping rooms outfitted with hospital-grade breast pumps.

Read more about The Garden by Equal Play here.

11 N. Ellsworth Ave.
San Mateo, CA

The Inc. - Seattle, WA

More than a co-working spot, The Inc. is on a mission to shift today's parenting paradigm. Their vision is "to achieve gender equity in entrepreneurship, in the workplace and at home." They've realized that childcare is the most important component of achieving gender equity, so they've created this "modern-day village" as a brilliant solution. The Inc. affords parents a flexible co-working space where they can drop off their kids in one of the nearby Playschool rooms and go accomplish their work goals. Members have access to parent only co-working rooms, a break room for community connection, high-speed WiFi and printer, a Cowork + Coplay room, free/discounted workshops and classes and more. They want to help parents make the juggling act work by offering a space to learn, work and grow while their toddlers and preschoolers are being cared for.

Good to know: Parents must remain on-site and will be paged if their kiddo needs a diaper change or to use the potty.

Read more about The Inc. here.

The Inc. Greenlake
Inside St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
111 N.E. 80th St.
Seattle, WA 98115

photo: Live Love Lens Photography

Work and Play - South Orange, NJ

Work and Play offers a flexible, state-licensed early childhood Reggio-inspired program for parents who utilize their workspace, as well as customized schedules for other parents in the community who need part-time care. Available to kids under age six, the program seeks to create independent thinkers and a new generation of entrepreneurs. Both their co-working space and their early childhood program are about building community, and their mission is to offer a solution to working parents who want to continue building their own careers and professional development while also taking part in the day-to-day activities of their families. For parents worried about the division of work and play, it's good to know that a lot of care went into soundproofing so that adults barely know there are kids in the same building. The early childcare program is on the lower level, and the office space is above them on the first floor. Each also has separate entrances, so those without kids downstairs won't even know there's childcare on site.

Good to know: Work and Play have two locations in South Orange. Their flagship at 19 Prospect St. is the location that has childcare. Their second location—just down the street—has private offices and an additional co-working space and a meeting room.

19 Prospect St.
South Orange, NJ 07079

photo: Nido

Nido - Durham, NC

Nido is a co-working community that began with a potluck and has founding members who have based their model on building community between families. They've masterfully fused their on-site Montessori preschool with office space for parents––and this not-for-profit business considers themselves a movement toward a "new way of living and working and being with each other." The co-working space is a hub for those who work remotely or run small businesses, and Nido describes their environment as a "femicentric space" in which they aim to support the lives and needs of women and mothers.

A $200/month membership grants you 24/7 hour access to the space, unlimited coffee and WiFi, printer/copier and ten hours of monthly conference room time as well as the support and camaraderie of other co-workers. To add childcare to the mix, click here for the pricing options on membership plans that include tuition to the on-site preschool. The Montessori school offers half-day morning or afternoon options for kids ages six months to six-years-old, and the ambiance is serene and beautiful while the learning focus encourages kids to be "productive, creative and self-driven," "a perfect mirror" to their co-working space.

Read more about Nido here.

902 Broad St.
Durham, NC 27705

HackerMoms - Berkeley, CA

HackerMoms could be just the village you're looking for. This band of mothers helps alleviate the isolation of motherhood by offering a community where members can explore creativity, crafts, hacker/maker culture, entrepreneurship and more with the convenience of on-site childcare space. The membership (dues are $80/month) grants you 24/7 access to the space as well as tools (Epson Stylus Pro 9880 large format industrial printer, a Juki industrial sewing machine, a standard Brother sewing machine and some smaller power tools) and the chance to utilize childcare at an hourly fee and free workshops and peer to peer skill-shares. If this sounds like your vibe,  visit an open house meeting (offered twice monthly) or make an appointment to go in and meet the other moms and introduce your kids. Then complete their membership application and have a reference check for child safety. Parents must stay on-site to utilize the childcare for kids ages 5 months-6 years-old. HackerMoms allows the kids to meander between their room and the workspace so moms can model "active, creative lives for their kids."

Good to know: For heavy-duty power tools, members can go to their partner hackerspace up the street, Ace Monster Toys, to use a CNC machine, laser cutter, makerbots, 3D printers, a full woodshop and electronics lab and more.

3288 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA 94703

Giocare Play Spot - Brooklyn, NY

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Giocare Play Spot offers parents the ability to use their workspace while their kids play in the on-site playroom. Kids will enjoy activities, organized play and music and movement while parents can work using the high-speed WiFi, laser printer, charging station, office supplies, coffee and tea, plus the ability to work uninterrupted and without worry, as the kids are just a room away. The daily rate is $45 and the monthly rate is $250.

Read more about Giocare Play Spot here.

Giocare Play Spot
655 6th Ave. (corner of 18th)
Brooklyn, NY

photo: Two Birds

Two Birds

Part childcare center, part co-working space Two Birds does exactly what the name suggests, allowing working parents to check two boxes off their daily list at once. While the space is designed to give working parents a workplace they can bring their kids to, each component also stands on its own. In other words, you can use the co-working space without bringing your tots along and vice versa you can enroll your kids in the childcare side, which is Reggio-Emilia inspired, without utilizing the workspace. This unique set up gives parents several options to meet flexible schedules. Two Birds also features a nursing lounge and has future plans to offer events and workshops on working parenting.

Good to know: Two Birds accepts kids from birth to five-years-old and offers several memberships to fit your hours and needs.

4001 Brandywine Street NW
Washington, D.C.

photo: iStock

Third Space Co-Working & Childcare - Omaha, NE

This new co-working spot is set to open later this year in Omaha, Nebraska. The exact location is yet to be determined, but it promises to bring a unique spin on the co-working movement in that Third Space plans to partner with companies looking for a way to ease their employees back from maternity leave to full-time work. New moms can work remotely in the "third space," which also offers on-sight childcare. You can sign up to be notified when they set a location online.


—Beth Shea & Shahrzad Warkentin



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