Forget about walking to your neighborhood Starbucks. The future is here and it’s bringing coffee delivery drones with it!

Okay, okay so delivery drones that bring you a morning cup of joe aren’t exactly here…yet. It’s more like they’re on the horizon (and not literally). According to CNBC, IBM recently secured a patent for this type of drone, making it possible to someday—soon, we hope—to gave your coffee brought to your door, office, desk or anywhere else.

Photo: Quan Le via Unsplash

And as if delivering your coffee via drone wasn’t sci-fi enough, the IBM invention would have the ability to sense when you need a little caffeinated pick-me-up. Using a Fitbit or Fitbit-like device, the drone could evaluate the coffee drinker’s biometrics and sleep quality. It would also assess facial expressions and factor in your wake-up time. After cross-referencing any medications you might be taking (that would make caffeine a no-no), the drone would proactively order your coffee and deliver it.

Hmm. Drones that know all about you, your habits, your health and your coffee needs? Sounds…um, interesting.

Photo: Jonathan Lampel via Unsplash 

Before you start daydreaming of a drone flying up to you while on a play date and magically delivering a hot cup of coffee, hold on just a moment. Even though IBM has secured the patent, that doesn’t mean the drone is in the works…yet. Right now there are no reports of the plan becoming a reality.

For now, you’ll still have to get your caffeine fix on terra firma like everyone else in the Starbucks drive-thru line.

—Erica Loop



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