Shaun Johnson knows kids. The comedian may not have his own toddler to contend with, but his hilarious Instagram video proves he’s got the whole bedtime battle down.

In the clip, Johnson (who plays the roles of both mom and kiddo) does whatever he can to extend his bedtime for just one more moment—and yes, we all know this routine very, very well.

As mom-Johnson asks, “Why are you out of bed?” child-Johnson gives the all-encompassing answer, “I can’t sleep.” Like any of us would, mom-Johnson quickly (and firmly) responds, “It is past your bedtime.”

In a page from just about every mama’s world, child-Johnson then proceeds to try every toddler trick in the book to stop bedtime from happening. From tossing a stuffed animal down the stairs to suggesting he needs to put his shoes by the door for the next day, the clip is filled with every excuse us mamas hear on a nightly basis. That is except for, “I’m thinking whether you’re gonna be one of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.”

Now there’s part two!


—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Ryan McGuire via Pexels



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