When it comes to action, comic books deliver big time and are a great way to keep kids engaged in reading. Think of them as next-level picture books, with heros, complex story arcs and plot lines that make imaginations soar. Flip through the 12 catchy, readable comics we’ve found for every age group. The kids might discover a new favorite hero, and you’ll discover an easy, exciting way to make sure they get their daily 20.

Tiny Titans

Age: 5 and up

Follow along with Superboy, Supergirl, Robin, Wondergirl, and a host of other diminutive sidekicks as they do regular every-kid stuff like going to superhero school (Sidekick Elementary) and sorting the laundry (who dyed the capes pink?!). Grown-up superheroes like Superman and Batman drop in occasionally.

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— Emma Bland Smith