Pregnancy nausea is no joke. A smell or even a word can set you off. My struggle was being nauseous all the time but would never even get sick. Here are a couple tricks I’ve accumulated from working with pregnant moms and being one. 

Ginger! Ginger does wonders. I would chew on ginger bites to keep nausea away! Pack them with you everywhere. 

Ice Chips! Easy way to keep you occupied and to chew on something.

Yoga positions. Do you love yoga? Well, there’s positions that can help with nausea! Give them a try! Throw a small container of lavender oil in your bag. When you feel nauseous smell it!

Carry sick bags. They sell them everywhere or grab them at the hospitals. Throw them in your purse in case you ever need them. Saves you from getting sick all over yourself.

Snacks– Pack snacks everywhere you go. Then you’ll never been have an empty stomach for too long. Which is ten times worse when you’re pregnant. Make a food log of everything you eat and how you feel afterwards. That way you can recognize which foods make you worse.

Throw lemon in your water. Easy way to tame the nausea caused from drinking the water.  

If your nausea is extremely bad always consult a doctor. 

Hope these help and would love to hear what helped you! Happy Bump Day!