Your summer road trip just got better! Instead of the mono-toned drone of your car’s GPS system, you can now get directions from Cookie Monster—via Waze!

The navigation app is known for it’s wide (and often comical) selection of voices. Along with using your own voice, past picks have included the likes of Colonel Sanders, DJ Khaled, Liam Neeson, Kevin Hart and Morgan Freeman. Now you can add your kiddo’s fave blue monster to the list.

So how can you change the Waze voice to Cookie Monster? Launch the app and tap the magnifying glass icon. Tap “Settings” to select “Voice & Sound.” Select “Waze Voice” from the “Voice” menu for different options, including Cookie Monster.

Not only can you get driving directions in Cookie Monster’s voice, but in celebration of the iconic children’s show’s 50th anniversary the app will also help you to get to Sesame Street! That is, if you’re in NYC.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Sesame Street via Instagram 



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