Going cross-country this summer? Get your motor running and head out on the highway. Family road trips rock, especially when you stop and take in the amazing (and sometimes oddball!) attractions along the way. Click through our album to discover places that are feed-worthy, Insta-gold; then fasten your seat belts— it’s going to be a wild ride!

North Pole, Co

Sure, you could go to Santa Claus, Ind. or Christmas Cove, Me., but why not take your kids to Saint Nick's hometown itself? Go to the North Pole! OK, so it's in Colorado. And it's an amusement park. But who cares? Located just west of Colorado Springs in the town of (shhh) Cascade, this North Pole is home to Santa's Workshop, a Christmas-themed amusement park that's open year-round. Soar on the sleigh-themed zip line; hop on the Candy Cane Coaster; chug along on Santa's train, and see the white-bearded man of honor himself. Your kids will be seeing sugarplums all day long.

Pssst: Stuck on the East Coast? There's a North Pole there, too!

photo: courtesy of Santa's Workshop.

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— Melissa Heckscher & Kelly Aiglon