Going cross-country this summer? Get your motor running and head out on the highway. Family road trips rock, especially when you stop and take in the amazing (and sometimes oddball!) attractions along the way. Click through our album to discover places that are feed-worthy, Insta-gold; then fasten your seat belts— it’s going to be a wild ride!

The Center of the World – Felicity, Ca

If you ever wondered where the center of the world is, exactly, it's in Felicity, California. This is where, in the 1950s, French-born Jacques-Andre Istel purchased 2,600 acres of empty land, declared himself the mayor, and erected a hodgepodge of monuments including a spiral staircase supposedly salvaged from the Eiffel Tower, a hillstop church, and a "History of Humanity" wall that starts with the Big Bang and is still unfinished.

For $3, you can step inside a peach granite pyramid, place your feet upon the metal plaque that says, "Official Center of the World," and check this one off your bucket list.

photo: Corey Taratuta via flickr

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— Melissa Heckscher & Kelly Aiglon