Your kid’s crayons deserve more than the average coloring book. Which is why we’ve rounded up seven new and cool books that are just waiting for creative tykes and their army of art supplies. From personalized tomes to out-of-this-world fun, flip through the slideshow below to see them all.

Caught in a Coloring Book

For kids who love the Gravity Falls series, this coloring book will be an instant hit. It turns out, the Pine twins are in for a wild journey when Dipper finds himself trapped in a magical coloring book! The only way he can escape is if Mabel colors her way through. But, the more Mabel colors, the more things go wrong! The only solution is to Just. Keep. Coloring.

Ages: 8 & up.

Available at, $11.69.

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— Gabby Cullen & Meredith Mortensen